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Le congrès international des mathématiciens à Séoul vient d’attribuer à quatre mathématiciens  la médaille Fields 2014.


1 – Artur Avila Cordeiro de Melo est né le 29 Juin 1979). Il est français brésilien. Il travaille sur les systèmes dynamiques et la théorie spectrale.
2- Martin Hairer est né le 14 novembre 1975. C’est un mathématicien autrichien. Ses travaux portent sur la théorie des probabilités et les équations aux dérivées partielles stochastiques.

– Pour la première fois le tiers-monde vient d’être honoré doublement. Car c’est une femme iranienne Maryam Mirzakhani (persan : مریم میرزاخانی travaillant aux USA lauréate née en mai 1977. Cette mathématicienne iranienne travaille en topologie et en géométrie des surfaces de Riemann.

– Manjul Bhargava, (hindi: मंजुल भार्गव) né le 8 août 1974 à Hamilton, est un mathématicien indo-canado-américain. C’est un spécialiste de la théorie des nombres.


Two Letters to Dr. Maryam Mirzakhani

Le mathématicien libanais Rachid Matta Matta écrit à la nouvelle lauréate de la médaille Fields 2014 Maryam Mirzakhani. Nous publions ces deux lettres. L’une date du 20 août 2014, la seconde, le 21 août 2014. Nous souhaitons que ce courrier puisse parvenir à l’université de Standford où travaille la mathématicienne iranienne. Notes de l’éditeur.

Rachid Matta MATTA
Mathematician – Civil Engineer E.C.P.
Tel:+961 71 110592 / +961 3 624134
Chers lecteurs,
Je me contente aujourd’hui de placer sur ce site ma lettre électronique à la mathématicienne iranienne Maryam Mirzakhani, et dans le prochain commentaire, j’analyserai ses écrits.

Dr. Maryam Mirzakhani

Congratulation for being the first woman to win the Fields Medals 2014, This prize is an honor for you, for Iran and for the women mathematicians. But this honor can attain its summit, if the competent Iranian mathematician, that you are, achieves her brillant career by supporting the mathematical truth and fighting the error.

A Muslim mathematician knows well that there are eternal truths derived from the First Truth: The Almighty GOD. These eternal truths are given by Euclidean geometry after the rigorous demonstration of Euclid’s fifth postulate, object of my book «Les Méthodes De Démonstrations Du Théorème De La Parallèle», published in 2012,

Dr. Mariam. I worked, hardly, during 50 years to obtain the right proof for the fundamental theorem of geometry. The four methods attached are extracted from the above book and you can see easily their soundness.

1-A very qualified mathematician, like you, understands that Euclidian geometry will become true, and, automatically, the inconsistent Non-Euclidian geometries (hyperbolic and elliptic) collapse. The geometries founded on Non-Euclidean geometries, i e symplectic geometry or any rimanian geometry will collapse,

2- Many flaws are detected in Non-Euclidean geometries, as you can see in the method of Rita and the method of the impossible rotation.

3 – Your scientific probity will push you to recognize my proofs and to propagate them between your colleagues and in the mathematical world.

4 – In my book “ The Number, Neither Reality, Neither Infinity, Nor Continuity, I proved that there is not a length bigger than all the other lengths, Also there is not a number bigger than all the other numbers. Then, mathematical infinite does not exist.

5 – From now on, I hope that you direct all your efforts to produce papers in the true Euclidean geometry and I hope that you accept my critics of some of your papers. My unique aim is to defend the mathematical truth.
I am waiting for your reply and for your opinion on my 4 methods of proving the Parallel Postulate.


Rachid Matta MATTA


Rachid Matta MATTA
Mathematician – Civil Engineer E.C.P.
Tel:+961 71 110592 / +961 3 624134

Dr. Maryam Mirzakhani,

I have the honor to send you this second email to attract your attention on the very nature of mathematics. Today, Mathematics finds in your person the right and the best defender of its truths. After winning Fields Medals 2014, you are now in a position to render to Mathematics the eternal truths.
Before developing my conception of Mathematics, I want you to meditate the following passages of Richard Courant and Herbert Robbins in the non-numbred page of their book «What is Mathematics?».

«A serious threat to the very life of science is implied in the assertion that mathematics is nothing but a system of conclusions drawn from definitions and postulates that must be consistent but otherwise may be created by the free will of the mathematician, If this description were accurate, mathematics could not attract any intelligent person. It would be a game with definitions, rules, and syllogisms, without motive or goal. The notion that intellect can create meaningful postulational systems at its whim is a deceptive halftruth. Only under the discipline of responsibility to the organic whole, only guided by intrinsic necessity, can free mind achieve results of scientific value.»

The reaction of R. Courant against the Modern Mathematics is highly justified, since the propositions of Modern Mathematics do not contain any truth about the external world. As a Muslim, you agree with me that the world is created by God and all its phenomena are described by the Euclidean geometry. The big default of Euclidean geometry was the incapacity of mathematicians to find a correct proof for Euclid’s fifth postulate. The founders of Non-Euclidean geometries and their followers haven’t seen the flaws in hyperbolic and elliptic geometries. Two methods between your hands detect these flaws, and I hope that you take the necessary steps so that the mathematical community recognizes the validity of Euclidean geometry.
Your contribution in favor of the geometric truth is essential to teach our students with the true mathematics, whose criteria are:

1) Necessity
2) Immutability
3) Exactness
4) Universality
5) Creator of eternal truths from the first principles discovered by the soul when he is guided by the Almighty GOD.

In the next email, I will expose what happened in geometry and why the Non-Euclidean geometries erupt in the first half of the nineteenth Century.
Saccheri and Lambert made deductions on wrong figures and they have not applied the right logic.


Rachid Matta MATTA


Third email

Rachid Matta MATTA
Mathematician – Civil Engineer E.C.P.
Tel:+961 71 110592 / +961 3 624134

Dr. Maryam Mirzakhani,

I have the honor to send you this third email to show the errors committed in the eighteenth Century by Saccheri and Lambert in their deduction on the consequences of the hypothesis of the acute and obtuse angle. These two mathematicians are considered the precursors of the founders of Non-Euclidean geometries.
In the ninteenth Century, Lobatchevski, Bolyai, and Gauss, founders of hyperbolic geometry, had taken the hypothesis of acute angle, and Riemann, founder of elliptic geometry, had taken the hypothesis of obtuse angle. The four mathematicians have not remarqued that their precursors committed a big error.
Saccheri made reasoning on the fundamental quadrilateral having two right angles and two equal sides adjacent to the right angles. His aim was to demonstrate that this quadrilateral is a rectangle. For this reason he developed the hypothesis of the acute and that of obtuse angle hoping find a contradiction in them. He has not seen the contradiction because he has not conducted well the deductions resulting from the hypothesis taken. The hypothesis of the acute angle must laid him to a side at A less than the side at B, (See the figure “Juxtaposition of two fundamental quadrilaterals” sent to you with the first email). The mistake of Saccheri in this hypothesis to consider simultaneously that he has acute angle at C, CD a straight line and passing by D. He has not remarqued that the straight line CD, making acute angle at C with BC, cannot pass by D, but it should pass by a locpoint below D.
Saccheri made the same mistake avec the hypothesis of the obtuse angle at C and D,
Lambert has taken the half of the fundamental quadrilateral of Saccheri. He had also made the same mistake.
Both mathematicians missed the right reasoning.
The errors of Saccheri and Lambert are exposed in my book
«Les Méthodes De Démonstrations Du Théorème De La Parallèle»

In the next email, I will expose the threats endured by geometry and especially by demonstrative geometry during their long history and why the Non-Euclidean geometries erupt in the first half of the nineteenth Century.


Rachid Matta MATTA